The Story of Sprocket

A Multi-Decade Journey

Timothy D Hogan
- CEO -

Robert Kuntz
- CEO -

Sprocket Network LLC (, in its current form, has only been in the works under Commonwealth Capital for a short couple of years. Though, the journey actually started twenty some-odd years ago when the now-CEO of Sprocket Network met and worked with the CEO of Commonwealth Capital in a relationship that began a multi-decade journey that helped lay the foundation to what, today, is the indisputable standard for legally raising substantial amounts of capital for startup and early stage companies.

The Commonwealth Capital Financial Architect™ has not only set the standard for early stage funding, it’s also driving the future of technology through adaption of Blockchain technologies into the process of Corporate Engineering. 

“With all of the different applications possible through Blockchain, it’s as if the sky just opened up with massive amounts of new opportunity.” 

Timothy D Hogan – CEO, Commonwealth Capital

When asked what made Commonwealth Capital and Sprocket Network different from other VC Firms and Incubation Platforms, Sprocket’s CEO stated, “Look up the term ‘impact investor’ and you’ll get a good idea of our approach with the companies and projects that we get involved in and support.”

Sprocket Network leverages the power of the Commonwealth Capital “Corporate Engineering” platform and the Commonwealth Capital Fund in order to drive the development of a network of “cause based” and “purpose driven” companies and projects.

When you hear the term “VC Fund” and with a name like Commonwealth Capital, you’d expect the traditional “Wall Street Investment Banker” type…where the bottom line comes first. Impact investment places value in how much positive impact a project potentially has as much as it does the actual profitability.

Sure, we want to see the projects we support succeed wildly, but monetary gain comes second to the actual objective of the venture.

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